Prefabricated Plant Building System (PPBS)

Application mainly for onshore Plant Buildings as follows:
a. Control Buildings
b. Plant Laboratories
c. Field Auxiliary Rooms
d. Analyser House
e. Electrical Substation
f. Compressor Building
g. Operator Shelter Building
h. Other Related Buildings for Plant Process Activities

Main Features of PPBS

Main Structure:
Steel Modular Frame
Insulated Steel Deck
Lysaght HR-29 Cladding & Rockwool Insulation
External Walls:
Lysaght HR-29 Cladding & Rockwool Insulation
Internal Wall:
Boral/Gypsum Board With Colorbond Cladding
Internal Wall Finishes:
Boral/Gypsum Board With Colorbond Cladding
Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel

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PPBS Advantages

  • Faster Installation
  • Safer Installation
  • Shorter Site Duration
  • Far Less Scaffold & For Shorter Durations
  • 6° Sloping Roof Better Drainage
  • Lower Shipping Cost
  • Higher Quality Finish
  • Aesthetically Modern Finish
  • Enhanced Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Properties
  • Reflects sunlight
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easier Maintenance
AOS can offer modular PPBS building solution
  • Fabrication off site
  • Pre-installed equipment and assembled at site
  • Construction can be carried out in parallel with site work
  • Factory Build & Finish
  • All systems Pre-Tested & Pre-Commissioned Before Despatch
  • Site Time reduced substantially ie Only Lift, Hook-Up & Final System Commissioning

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