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AOS provides multi-disciplinary engineering focused services which will deliver optimum results for the ever evolving oil & gas, petrochemical industries and marine industries.


AOS undertakes feasibility, options and front end engineering design studies for severe service modular buildings. These range from simple design studies with general arrangements and 3D visualisations to fairly detailed multi discipline studies where we produce multiple deliverables. For brownfield projects, surveys are conducted by experienced multi-disciplinary engineers who will provide description of upgrading and modification work, work-scoping, outline schedule, cost estimation and 2D/3D Drawings. Engineering and surveys form an important initial part of our services for offshore building architectural and upgrade services.

Modular Hire

AOS is a leading Modular Hire solutions provider for the regional offshore and onshore oil and gas industry with our centre located in Selangor, Malaysia. Our Modular Hire solutions are certified to the most stringent industry standards, including DNV, SOLAS/IMO, ATEX and ABS. Units can be hired as single or multiple stacked and linked units. All units are A60 fire rated and blast rated and can be hired as 8-man en-suite sleeper units, galleys, mess-rooms, offices, gymnasiums, changing rooms, lockers rooms and recreation rooms.

Offshore Building Architectural Services

Our engineering focused offshore building architectural services provide an excellent solution for offshore buildings. These services are required for the construction of new offshore living quarters and technical buildings including switchrooms and control rooms. Services provided include engineering design and the procurement & installation of materials including insulation, wall & ceiling panels, flooring, wet units, firedoors, plumbing, and furniture. Other multi-disciplinary services including for electrical services, fire & gas systems, and HVAC systems can also be offered so as to provide a single point of responsibility.

Offshore Building Maintenance & Upgrading Services

AOS can offer a complete and comprehensive solution for the upgrade of existing offshore living quarters to clients, who wish to refurbish or extend the life-span of their current buildings. With vast experience in design, supply chain and regulatory compliance requirements, AOS has dedicated in-house engineering and execution teams to provide you with the optimum solution for your requirements.
Our offshore building upgrades and refurbishment services include replacements and upgrades of structural and architectural finishes including firedoors, HVAC systems, electrical systems, fire and gas, telecommunication systems and all other required replacements and upgrades that comply with the latest industry standards.

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