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Our modular buildings are custom designed, project specific modules, fully based on Client specifications including Classification and local regulatory requirements. We provide full turnkey solutions which comprise complete engineering design, procurement, fabrication, out-fitting and commissioning of building modules for severe service applications, worldwide. Strict QA/QC procedures ensure that the products delivered are of the highest quality. In addition, as we are aware that the modules are installed in the most demanding environments, we ensure that they are built with the consideration of low maintenance and longevity in operation.

Offshore Accommodation Buildings

We provide bespoke solutions for a range of offshore living quarter requirements. Projects we have supplied include for permanent installations, ancillary units for permanent installations and for temporary requirements. Ergonomic and interior designs ensure full comfort and safety for crews working in difficult conditions.

Electrical Switchrooms & Auxiliary Buildings

Our solutions for prefabricated electrical switchrooms and auxiliary buildings/control rooms will provide customers with an ideal environment for electrical switchgear, motor control centres, distributed control system cabinets, UPS, batteries, and other critical plant equipment. Each building module is constructed to fully meet project specific requirements for offshore and onshore projects.

Technical Buildings

Various technical building modules are essential for plant operations. These buildings, which are usually blast and fire rated, are used as laboratories, workshops, offices, analyser rooms, metering rooms, etc. Inhouse designs provide solutions to the most onerous conditions.

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